Day 15 – The Bully

I’ve grown sluggish. I would have been prepared before but I wasn’t this time. I don’t know if you could even call it an ambush with the leisurely, telegraphed approach he took. I was too distracted. Too comfortable. It was easier to pretend that I was safe. He didn’t even bother hiding.

I defended myself but I was too cowardly. I fled when I could have stood my ground: Stared deep into his glare and howled in turn. I would have been swept up again into that cycle. But which is better, to be bold or meek? Either way I didn’t stand a chance. I thought I did. I stared back, but when his gaze did not falter mine did. So I ran. Surrounded by a sea of good, strong people I ran. In that moment I prefered solitude to support.

Even though I was able to salvage the rest of today, even though I am comfortable and safe, I am still shaken. I still have work to do.



One thought on “Day 15 – The Bully

  1. It is in seeing that there was a choice that will make you stronger. As your able to stand your ground he will begin to lose his confidence as you build yours. Minute by minute.


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